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Flocking machine Close up drawing flocking Far away Close up

Generate - 2015

While on a artist residency at DAS (digital art Studios) we were approached by Catalyst Arts to be part of their Generate week.

We exhibited our Polargraph drawing machine that made a drawing over the course of 3 days. To make the drawing we simulated flocking behavior found in birds. By recording each of the ‘birds’ movement we where able to capture the intrinsic fluid nature of this behavior. The drawing machine then drew each ‘bird’s’ movement individually, building up a large scale drawing. This resulted in a some what hypnotic movement, as you noticed the line being draw interact to the lines that had already been made and to the lines that are yet to be drawn.


The drawing machine was made using an Arduino Uno, an Adifruit motorsheild and two stepper motors with 3-d printed cogs. The pen holder had a servo to act as a pen-lift. Fishing weights and scrap metal where used to balance the weight of the cord.