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Gestalt is a project that uses robotics and AI to produce generative drawings.

Gestalt is a philosophical principle which refers to our tendency as humans to perceive pattern, order and meaning within chaos. The Gestalt project is an exploration into machine intelligence, perception and creativity through the scope of drawing. Utilising image recognition software we created a self-reflective drawing system. Patterns and shapes perceived by the software dictate the behaviour of drawing robots. The continuous process emulates the human process of recognition and interpretation, inciting a sense of anthropomorphism and reflection.


A group of autonomous drawing robots negotiate a surface, each depositing an ink line behind them. Image recognition software observes the drawing and recognises shapes and forms. The behaviour of the robots is then adjusted to bring out and accentuate those forms. This process loops creating a continuously evolving drawing with ever increasing complexity. A self-reflective drawing system.

The work was made while on residency at GlogourAIR in Berlin and was exhibited at the Retune festival 2016. It was funded by the British Council and Arts Council England.