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Pieces of Corsicana

For 6 weeks, eegb utilised a 1980s pen plotter in a process of recording, archiving and interpreting the experience of Corsicana, Texas.

Corsicana is a small, all-american town situated an hour from Dallas. It was the first oil town of Texas and therefore has a wealthy past. Since then it shrunk considerably but has defiantly remained a proud slice of Texan/American culture.

The patterns of Corsicana project took notice to the ubiquitous hexagonal tiles seen throughout the town. From the floors of the greasy local diner, modern domestic bathrooms, old jail houses and the dirt covered remnants of the demolished swimming baths. Through the variety of arrangements of these tiles we see simple and ornate patterns, we notice the fashions of eras change and the transition of Corsicana from its oil boom to its current sleepy life.

The project culminated in a series of “prints” or “plots” on paper.


The patterns were observed and a reference drawn out with paper and pencil. These were then drawn out digitally as vectors and sent to the plotter via a program which converts them to readable coordinates for the machine to follow. The plotter is adapted to hold a variety of media, in this case archival ink pens.

Some more information can be found at the 100West website and in this feature by The Dallas News.